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Welcome to the Ruby Rod and Gun Club History Page...

The following page contain selected highlights from the secretary�s minutes from 1955 to 2000. The Gun Club's history from 1948 through 1954 is somewhat sketchy to say the least.

1955 Leon Reiff, President Mar. Original Bylaws Approved , Treasury Balance $361.19 Jun. 1st Spaghetti Supper held at Ruby Fire House Sept. 1st Clambake held at Ruby School House Profit $ 218. 80 Ticket Cost - $ 3.00 Clams $ 8.50 bushel Beer - $12.50 barrel Nov. Incorporation Papers Submitted

1956 President, Unknown Apr. Club joins Federated Sportsmen�s Clubs of Ulster County Jun. Spaghetti Supper held at Elmer�s Inn - Profit $58.26 Aug. Non Residents accepted as members 1st Club button issued at $.25 each Annual Dues - $3.25

1957 Al Cross, President May. 1st 50/50 Drawing Held Sept. 1st Shoulder Patches issued Clambake - $5.00 per ticket - Profit $117.00 Oct. Bylaws Revised / Written Membership Applications Initiated Nov. Green and Black approved as Club Colors Dec. 1st Whiskey Raffle held - Net Loss - $17.45

1958 Al Cross, President May. Incorporation papers finalized Jun. Monthly Directors meetings started Jul. Meeting held at Mt Marion Firehouse Beer - $.15 cents a can at meetings Aug. Agreed to purchase clubhouse property from Percy and Alice Gaddis for $ 850.00 Oct. 1st Turkey Shoot held - Profit $185.68 Nov. Plans drawn up for Clubhouse

1959 Vern Halwick, President Jan. Dues raised to $5.00 Per year Mar. First attendee registered for Camp Debruce Sept. Purchased 37 1/2 acre wood lot from Mike Starker for $600.00

1960 Bob Felton, President Jan. Dues reduced to $3.00 per year Membership totalled 28 members Sept. Wood lot boundaries marked

1961 Bob Felton, President Jan. 1st Installation of Officers Dinner held at Elmer�s Inn Feb. airborne Hay Drop for deer trapped in snow Jun. Club sponsored a horse show with Lowland Riding Club Jul. Clubhouse foundation started and well drilled Oct. 1st Halloween Dance held at Elmer�s Inn. Dec. Mortgage for $3000.00 approved by Roudout Savings Bank

1962 Bob Felton, President Apr. 1st 200 Club Started July. Used TV Set purchased for $40 Oct. 1st Lifetime Members Appointed (Percy Gaddis & Ralph Gilbert)

1963 Bob Felton, President Feb. Furnishings for clubhouse purchased from Bob Teetsel �The Barn 1st 200 Club Party held Apr. By laws Revised, Liability Insurance Purchased May. $27.00 Stolen from clubhouse - 1st recorded theft Aug. Ladies Auxiliary formed

1964 Bob Ryf, President Apr. 1st Dollar Day Party Held Sept. 1st Clambake on Club Grounds-$ 198.00 Profit 100 wooden Chairs Purchased

1965 Ted Schatzel Sr, President Feb. Ladies Auxiliary held Valentine�s Dance Jun. Outstanding Member Plaque Originated

1966 Lou Cross, President Jan. Keys to Clubhouse issued to Members Sept. 1st Clambake held Catered by George Shufeldt Nov. Clubhouse used as Polling Place

1967 Bill Miggins (Redeye), President Feb. Shuffleboard Purchased May. Mortgage Paid Off Aug. 200 Club revised to present day format Oct. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag initiated at Regular Club Meeting

1968 Bill Miggins (Redeye), President Mar. Total Club Taxes $ 82.76 Jun. Cellar floor poured & Mortgage Burning Party held Sept. Membership totalled 64 Dec. Scheduled Friday night bartenders started

1969 Bob Kappel / Bill Gaddis, President Apr. 1st Color TV purchased (465.00) Jul. Room Divider installed to split bar and hall Sept. Clambake catered by Gene Whalen Oct. Club catered a buffet for Ruby Fire Debt

1970 Tom Bennett, President Feb. Rest rooms Tiled Apr. Shuffleboard Shirts Available for Team Members Jul. Cellar Stairway relocated Aug. Original 10 Picnic Tables built Sept. Sign erected on Bill Boices property stating the land is protected by The Ruby Rod & Gun Club Oct. Aluminum Siding installed on Clubhouse

1971 Tom Bennett, President Feb. Room Divider Removed, Bar Canopy Installed Jun. Commercial Stove, Slicer & PA system purchased, kitchen cabinets installed Oct. Testimonial Dinner held at the Flamingo Restaurant honoring Elmer Hung for his dedication to the club Nov. Safe Purchased Dec. Not for profit tax designation becomes official Whiskey Raffle held - $386 profit Portable Beer Cooler purchased

1972 Ron Geisler, President Feb. Deceased Members Plaque installed Apr. Clubhouse wallpapered for the 1st time Jun. Walk in cooler built Oct. Draught beer system installed Nov. Stereo system installed

1973 Ron Geisler, President Jan. Awning installed over front porch Mar. Jim Hughes property for sale - vetoed by club Sept. Past Presidents Plaque installed

1974 Ron Geisler, President May. Club operated a refreshment booth for the sportsman�s fair at the Ulster County Fairgrounds Jun. By laws revised Oct. New roof installed on club house Awning Installed over back porch

1975 Bill Sutton, President Jan. Inlaid installed around bar Mar. Club Joins National Rifle Association Jul. Purchased 5 acres land in Bovina center, Delaware County Cook shed erected Sept. 1st Pistol Safety Course held 5 week 200 club held - Profit $464.50 Dec. 1st Children�s Christmas Party held

1976 Bill Sutton, President Feb. Installation dinner held at the Ruby Firehouse May. Club joined Sunday Morning Softball League New front porch awning installed 1st Spring BBQ held Sept. One Man Band dance held - $ 3.00 profit 1st Club Jackets ordered

1977 Rodney Bronson Sr, President Mar. Membership to Trout Unlimited donated by Ralph Lefever Sept. Construction started on original cabin Shuffleboard scoreboard donated Nov. By laws revised Shaeffer Beer prices raised to 35 cents per bottle

1978 Ron Geisler, President Mar. New bar top installed Apr. Car wash held by junior members May. Junior members paint cellar floor, Rewarded with camping trip Oct. 30th Anniversary party held Four burner gas grill purchased

1979 Rick Hoy, President Jan. Minimum 3 work party / 3 meeting requirement for active membership instituted May. Club sponsors team in Ulster Little League Jun. Cabin vandalized - all windows broken

1980 Rick Hoy, President Feb. Mens room renovated Apr. Junior members put on meat loaf dinner Jul. Private party fee instituted Aug. Second 10 picnic tables built Oct. Senior Member membership category started Dec. Partitions installed rest rooms

1981 Rick Hoy, President Mar. Pavillion Erected Apr. Storage cage built in basement

1982 George Countryman, President Sept. Clam less clambake held (red tide) Fesel farm for sale - $89,000 - vetoed by membership

1983 John Mc Cumber, President Jan. Restroom's papered and Kitchen painted Sept. Clam less Clambake again (red tide) Bovina property sold 35th Anniversary party held

1984 John Mc Cumber / Ed Mc Devitt, President Jan. Under bar refrigerator purchased Apr 1st Newsletter mailed Jul. Standing rules approve Club burglarized twice Dec. Pheasant Preserve held its first release

1985 Bill Miggins Sr, President May. Second walk in cooler built

1986 Bill Miggins Sr, President Jun. Survey completed on clubhouse property Nov. 1st Shootout with Hidden Valley held

1987 Rick Hoy, President Apr. New drapes installed Aug. Driveway blacktopped - $8000.00 Oct. Club burglarized twice Dec. Alarm System installed

1988 Jack Miggins, President Aug. Ultraviolet light installed on water system Dec. New flag pole erected

1989 Vince Reilly, President May. Quarterly news letter to be published

1990 Charlie Stevens, President Jan. Testimonial dinner held at Twin Lakes honoring William (Red Eye) Miggins for his dedication to the club Jun. Outhouse erected adjacent to pavillion Sept. New stereo system installed Oct. Plans drawn up for new cabin

1991 Charlie Stevens, President Mar. Original cabin destroyed by pickup truck Apr. New windows installed in clubhouse Erection of new cabin began Jun. New kitchen stove purchased

1992 Rick Hoy, President Mar. By laws revised Apr. 14.5 Acre Stauble wood lot purchased & 23.5 Acre Sagendorf wood lot purchased at tax auction Dec. Cook shed collapses due to snow load

1993 Rick Hoy, President May. New Cook shed erected Jun. Calendar lottery started & Equipment Cage enlarged Aug. New entrance doors installed 45th Anniversary party held

1994 Ed Dieter, President Apr. 1st 400 club started Sept. - Rifle range built at cabin

1995 Ed Dieter, President Sept. Cabin Addition (Bunk room) started

1996 Ted Schatzel Jr, President Jun. Club involved in 100th Anniversary of the Ruby post office Aug. Card Access system installed

1997 Ted Schatzel Jr, President Apr. 23 acre Boice wood lot purchased Jun. Survey completed on 98 acres of wood lot Sept. Club involved in 50th Anniversary of Ruby fire debt.

1998 Ted Schatzel Jr. President Jan. Remodeling of club house begins to prepare for celebration of 50th Anniversary Mar. Club agrees to purchase Carl Remy wood lot - 30 acres Jun. 50th Anniversary party held

1999 Ted Schatzel Jr. President Jun. Gun Clubs wood lots surveyed and logged and some areas replanted. Also a new deck and access ramp built on clubhouse.

2000 John McCumber President Jun. New metal roof on pavilion and Gun Club website created. Sept. New walk-in cooler by pavilion and new fireplace built at cabin.

2001 John McCumber President Purchased woodlot belonging to Riesdale. This added 38 acres to our hunting land. Cost was $25,000 plus closing costs. Parking lot and back of clubhouse was repaved. Cost of job was $15,000. The cook-shed was extended to the end of the clubhouse.

2002 Rich France President 9 Club members became Life-Time members! Tom Dachenhausen Sr., Jim Douglas, Jim Miggins Sr., Ted Pfeiffer Jr., Vince Reilly, John McCumber, Bill Miggins Jr., Rick Hoy and Tom Sutton. The original Clubhouse sign was replaced with a new one. Two skylights were added to the cabin. Clear cuts made at cabin woodlots.

2003 Rich France President Purchased adjacent woodlot property from Jeff Burger (Harold Felton's grandson) for $20,000. Installed a retaining wall in front of clubhouse. Cook shed built at cabin. New (bigger) generator bought for cabin.

2004 Tom Dachenhausen Sr. President New Key-Pad entry system added to Clubhouse. Bathroom vanity sink countertops were replaced. New bunk-house mattresses were purchased for cabin.

2005 Tom Dachenhausen Sr. President Feb. Bar Cooler refurbished. May. Ban on smoking in clubhouse approved. Jul. Floor in bar area replaced. Aug. Deck stained. Oct. New backs put on bar stools.

2006 Tom Dachenhausen Sr. President Cooking area shed roofs constructed.

2007 Wayne Platte President Apr. Road cleanup on Main street and Sheehan lane. Aug. New 800 square foot addition to pavillion constructed. Dec. Shuffle-Board completely restored by Ludwig Wittig. New ladies room bathroom stall petitions. New storage shed built at cabin.